Our Story

Happy Meow Meow started with a mission  :- selling gifts created in Asia to help animals all around the world!

The story goes back to a time where we saw a bird couple built a nest near our plants. We see it built from nothing to something and eventually the mother gave birth to 2 small eggs.

Every night she will come over her nest to incubate one of her eggs and eventually a new born baby bird came to our world.

We rejoiced, thrilled to see the newborn baby bird everyday when we were at our house.

Suddenly, we discovered it was lying montionlessly one day outside our main gate. We carried it with our fragile hands hoping the baby bird will jump to live.

Minutes & hours had passed, the baby bird did not wake up, did not even move a little. Tears dripped down our cheek and we hope that we can turn back time to do more for the newborn baby bird. 

Life is short & fragile, we should treasure our days to the fullest as no one know what will happen tomorrow.

Hence, we handpick some awesome products from manufacturers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Japan, with the motive of getting funds to help as many animals as we can around the world.

Do hit us up at info@happymeowmeow.com if you have any feel for our little story or wanna have a chat with us :)



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